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 Better Rental Signs.
A Better Sign & Promotion's mission is to help you get your message to your target audience and do it better.

We want to use bigger letters and fewer abbreviations. Our most popular sign does not need a City of Calgary permit and is 25 % wider than any other rental sign in Calgary (16 square foot size). What this means for the advertiser is that they can get more letters across the sign and have a clearer message.

In our larger sign sizes which are 4 by 8 and 6 by 10 we tend to use a larger letter size which makes the words easier to read.

On all of the signs we provide the capacity to print and install your logo or full colour images. This can be worth a thousand words.

In locations where there are multiple merchants we manage the scheduling of the rental signage and ensure that it meets the local bylaws.

We also provide the best value possible.

Brian Swain
A Better Sign & Promotion

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 Mission Statement.

Our mission at A Better Sign & Promotion is to help you make money. We provide better signs and a better value. We have the advertising and business experience to assist in crafting a message that will work for you. You satisfaction is our to priority. When it has to work call A Better Sign & Promotion.

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